BP equivalent of InverseTransformVectorNoScale

I am looking for the BP equivalent of InverseTransformVectorNoScale.

Thanks for help

“Inverse Transform Direction” is the node you’re looking for.

Does it do exactly the same as InverseTransformVectorNoScale?

FVector UKismetMathLibrary::InverseTransformDirection(const FTransform& T, FVector Direction)
return T.InverseTransformVectorNoScale(Direction);

But i also found InverseTransformDirection in c++

Hi!Basically you can do it yourself just by copying the following methods in blueprints.

“Inverse Transform Direction” calls InverseTransformVectorNoScale in c++

That’s the same exact function i posted here. It’s literally the c++ source to the bp node “Inverse Transform Direction”.

I was just showing that it directly called InverseTransformVectorNoScale. Which according to your question is exactly what you were asking.