[BP/C++]NavModifier Question


Im currently trying to make an area where only those Character-AIs can enter, which have something like a permission bool set. Furthermore the character shouldnt be able to leave this zone once entered.

Is this kind of behavior archiveable with a NavModifier Volume?

The only adjustments i was able to make at the NavModifier was changeing colour and cost; Are these all possible changes?

Generally Im pretty lost on that topic, so i appreciate any kind of help!

I have all AI-specific things done in Blueprints yet, but changeing to C++ wouldnt be that much of a problem (At least i hope so ;D)

The NavModifier is only the first half of the puzzle. The other half is UNavigationQueryFilter. Create one and exclude the modifier’s area with AddExcludedArea(), and pass that filter whenever you have a character pathfind.