BoxMask-3D Rotation Question


I have been playing around with the BoxMask-3D node in the material editor but cant seem to figure out what I am doing wrong when trying to rotate at on all 3 axis.

What I am trying to do is have a cube object that “cuts” into the geometery of another object. Hopefully these images will help explain…
Hopefully this shows the idea and the problem I am running into. I have a feeling that its todo with either the way I am getting the rotation from the object (through the param collection/blueprint) or the way I am adding the RotateAboutAxis results.

BoxMask-3d Material setup…

Parameter Collection Setup…

Sorry for all the images, but due to my lack of knowledge thought it best to give as much info as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to look any advice or help would be much appreciated!!

I used this video to get an idea of how it Mask3d works…

Looked at this thread (and another I can’t find now sadly) but never managed to get it to work with 3 axis…

Rotate About Axis is the wrong operation to use for that. You would want to transform the positions using the transform position node and go from world to local I believe. And then you need to specify the axes themselves by getting them from the BP.

Hi Ryan, Thanks very much for taking the time to reply, I know you will be very busy so I really appreciate it.

Sadly I am new to this I managed to get what I had above by watching a few tutorials, looking at some posts and then basically trial and error, which probably explains why it was the wrong approach. I really am not sure how to use the transform position node or how to link everything together. I understand that the boxmask-3d has inputs for the pivot location (input B), Size of the Cube/box (Bounds) and hardness of edges (Edge falloff) but I don’t fully understand what Input A does and how to manipulate it correctly.

I of-course realise you will not have the time to talk me through this step by step but if you happen to have any links to websites (videos/articles,etc) that might allow me to learn more about Boxmask-3d or any other relevant info, that would be fantastic!

Dear CarvedPixel,

Did you have any success with this? I’m trying to achieve the same effect and would appreciate any pointers!

Hi Michael,

I ended up figuring it out though lots of trial and error, took me days, lol and I am definitely not a programmer, so my way is probably not the best way at all. Also I did this so long ago that I am struggling to remember all the reasons for what I ended up doing but I remember that the order of the rotations had to be a particular way to get it to work correctly. I am 100% sure what Ryan said would be better but here is a screengrab of what I did anyway…


This goes into A of the BoxMask3D.

CarvedPixel, huge thank-you for sharing your solution on this! Just revisited this after a few months, did a google search and found your response. Much appreciated, works like a charm! Sure there’s a better way but this is working great for now. Thankyou for posting back, cheers!

Your very welcome, good luck with your VR project looks good!

this was my solution, now ill be trying with multiple boxes

Multiple box solution:

Any chance you can reupload the image solution to this? :slight_smile:

i dont know what invius solution was, but this should work too! :slight_smile: