Box Trace for Objects not working as it seems like it should

In 4.9.1, but problem has been present since 4.7.x as I remember.

Essentially, box trace doesn’t register a hit in places where it definitely seems like it should, for example, in this image: you can see that the object (which is a full pyramid surrounded by box collision + is being traced with the following settings that encompass the entire pyramid) is clearly clipping through the wall, and should be identified as a place where collision is occurring.

Any ideas?

Just had an idea with clamping the acceptable normals from the hit result, I’ll be back later with how that works out.

Yes, as expected, I was able to solve this by taking the normal from the hit result, breaking the vector, and checking to see if the Z value of the normal was >= .990 (a somewhat arbitrary value that suited my needs). If it was not >= .990 I prevented a spawn from being called. There are still some oddities I’m experiencing with the box trace such as follows I’ll try and figure something out for it but so I don’t infringe on Epic’s tracking systems I’ll mark this resolved since my original problem is fixed.