Box mask aligned with actor rotation

How do I make my Box Mask rotate (be aligned) with actor ?

The center wall looks fine, but if rotate it in the blue remains in place and looks odd.

After much trial and error the A input of BoxMask 3D similar to SphereMask 3D, represents the pixel locations to be verified.
So if U plug the Actor Position, Object Position or just a 3 Constant the object will entirely white or entirely black, the reason of this is because in those cases every pixel sent to be checked if is in bounds will be the same as any other pixel.
The BoxMask 3D and SphereMask 3D can not be rotated or sheared, but the pixel data that goes into A input can be translated, rotated, scaled and sheared using a Transform 3x3 Matrix Node.
So for my BoxMask 3D be aligned with the object, the pixel data must be the local position of the pixels not the world position.