Box Component not reporting Hit Events with Non-Simulated Geometry

I am using a physics simulated box component as the root component for a pawn.

There is a character mesh as a child object which is not simulated by physics, which I want to detect hit events. I posed this scenario here, with James Golding explaining that this is a limitation of the engine.

So another approach I took was to simply use another box component attached to the root box component. This, however, has the same issue as the skeletal mesh: Hit events don’t occur with non-simulated objects. The child collider doesn’t interact with any static geometry, and passes right through. It does work with physics-simulated objects though.

If I replace the box component with a static mesh component, I get the desired effect. The child static mesh blocks both simulated and non-simulated objects and reports the hit events. I assume this is a bug, and that box components should act essentially the same as a static cube mesh.

I’m hoping that the issue with the static mesh not reporting collision is related to issue with the box collider, and that somehow both bugs could be fixed at once!

Hi judbementalex,

I’m currently investigating this issue. What version of the editor are you using?

You said in paragraph 4 that using a static mesh gives you the desired effects. As a workaround, would using the static mesh work for you if you toggled the visibility off? You can do this under the Rendering section of the Details panel.

Hey TJ,

I’m able to see the issue in both 4.6 and 4.7 preview 4.

Using the static mesh with visibility off is a good workaround that seems to do what we need. This is, though, a workaround for a workaround: ideally we would have the skeletal mesh checking for collisions. The skeletal mesh currently works for physics-simulated objects, but not kinematic ones - same as the box component.

I entered the BoxComponent issue as JIRA UE-8812 into our tracking software. Our developers will be investigating it further and we will post back here with updates.



Cool, thanks TJ

Hi judgementalex,

I just wanted to let you know that this has been fixed in our latest internal build. You will see it working properly in a future update.



Hi there

Is this fix being included in 4.7.4?


Hi TheOnlyRafalote,

This isn’t in 4.7.4. Right now it is on track to be in the 4.8 release.



any update on this? Will it be shipped only in 4.8?

Hi lucabelluccini,

Yeah, this is still on track to be included in the 4.8 release.

I’ve been testing this on 4.8 preview and I think is still not fixed.

Can anyone else confirm this please?


I just tested this in 4.8 and it is working properly for me. Make sure that the Collision component is set to ‘OverlapAll’ and what you are trying to overlap is set to ‘Generate Overlap Events’.

If you are still seeing the issue, please post some screenshots or a test project for us.

This issue is about Hit Events, no overlaps

Sorry about that. Okay, I just tested this with Hit Events as well but I couldn’t get your results. Make sure that the Collision box has ‘Simulation Generates Hits’ enabled and the ‘Collision Preset’ is ‘BlockAll’.

Let me know what results you get.

Using 4.10…should it be working here…??

I haven’t tested this in some time but yes, it should be working in 4.10. It was fixed and working properly back in 4.8.

If you are seeing this now, it could be a new but similar issue. If that is the case, could you post a new Bug Report, make sure to link this post, and include as much info as possible (exact repro steps, test project, etc).

I can confirm that this is still not working as it should. I have the same problem as the original poster. Am using 4.11.2