BOUNTY! $100 for anyone who can get -DUMPMOVIE working in my project.

Not that it should have to come to this but if someone cans get -DUMPMOVIE switch working in my project I will pay a $100 bounty! I’m uber frustrated here as the “well this works but this doesn’t” state of this engine. and Answer-hub bug notice possibilities going completely un-answered or even acknowledged. Yes I should be able to just use the make movie button in Matinee but that only moves the camera and doesn’t cause the tiles world terrain to load for some reason.

Do You have few levels in Your scene or just the Persisten level?

There are 100 streamed in terrain tiles in their own levels. These for some reason don’t get triggered using the Matinee recorder. Plus there are many other reasons that -DUMPMOVIE is better.

the whole thing is a 1000 sq/km world

Try this: go to Matinee, make new group with an event and call it whatever You like for example “test”. Chose Matinee from outliner, go to level blueprint and right click and chose “add matineecontroler for…”. You should see Your event (“test”). Now drag a line from it and chose “load stream level” and give the location to Your level with the terrain.

You can also try to go into Your levels and right click on it and chose - Change streaming methode -> Always load

Always load will not work for sure. I cant load more than 9-10 of these things

So the first methode shoud work but it will take much time to make for every level an event. You can unload the levels that You dont see.

I dont understand what you saying but wouldn’t it be easier to in the level blueprint have the Matinee camera position control the player position. this should in turn trigger the the auto loading of the levels when the player position is near enough just like when you hit play in the editor. All of this is really BS. Epic need to fix this **** and stop releasing buggy builds.

Can you please give me the link to your AnsweHub post(s) ? Depending which section it’s in it might be possible to get it looked at sooner, but if not I will ask Epic to look into you post.


one of them here:

or this one

This was the original

Thank you .

Epic employees are gone for the night now (it’s 8pm their time), but keep an eye on this one in particular:

It is in the Bug reports section, which takes precedence over the other sections, they should get back to you tomorrow morning (or possibly overnight). I will keep an eye on it for you. :slight_smile:

I hope so man if I dont get this rendered out by the end of the day tomorrow I’m gonna be screwed. Thanx for taking the time though man. I really do appreciate it!

You could always use Fraps if you need it out right away. I use it all the time with UE4.

About dumpmovie not working, can you check if it outputs any errors to log file like "Failed to create directory YOUR_PATH ", etc.
Also try r.DumpingMovie in console to check status.

You can also use OBS to capture a monitor or window view

I’ve answered your question from AnswerHub: DUMPMOVIE is BROKEN - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

TLDR; In order for the -DUMPMOVIE command to work you will need to package your game then use the command line argument, as it will not work with the editor.

In the interest of keeping this discussion all in one place, I am going to close this thread. Please use the following thread for further discussion on this topic:
Movie recording in matinee goes crazy MANY issues! please help! - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums!

Thank you!