Bottle material

Happy new year everyone!

I need some help with creating a realistic bottle material and whiskey liquid inside it.


I don’t really understand how this fresnel refraction + opacity works.


The fresnel node in and on itself doesn’t do anything - it returns a value based on the angle of the normal compared to the camera. Basically, if you plug this into roughness, the surface will appear much more specular at glancing angles and rough when viewed directly from the front, which is something you want for glass (although you’ll want to offset it). If the whiskey is just part of the surface and not animated (which appears to be the case), you basically want a roughness map which is completely black on the parts where the label and the cap are (assuming those aren’t reflective). Grab the fresnel node, add some small value to it so it isn’t completely rough when viewed from a perpendicular angle, multiply that value with the roughness map and plug that into roughness.

This is just from the top of my head, haven’t tested it so I might be wrong.