Boolean Operations in Procedural Meshes?

I’m looking for a way to use boolean operations (and ideally others) in procedural meshes. Ideally being able to take in scripts from OpenSCAD would be perfect but lacking that some union, difference, and intersect routines would be good. Is this available already within UE4 or would it need to be all hand-rolled?

Nearly one and a half years late, nonetheless going to leave this comment for reference.

Besides its brushes (box brush, cylinder brush, stair brush, etc.) and its terrain tool, the Unreal Engine 4 severely lacks support for procedural geometry. Although a UProceduralMeshComponent exists, it is unarguably low-level. Accordingly, Boolean operations on meshes don’t seem to exist (I’m currently on my own venture to find solutions). However, if you have 50€ in your budget, there is Mesh Boolean Operations on the marketplace.

If I find anything else, I shall update this comment.