boolean mesh operation at runtime in VR?

Hi guys

I’m trying to edit meshes at runtime in VR.
Are there other functions to make boolean operations such as „Slice Procedural Mesh“ at game time within Unreal Engine?

Is there a way to edit / recalculate the tessellation of a mesh and make other boolean mesh operations at game time. For example to make a hole in a mesh or to bend a mesh? I have seen that it is possible to make simple boolean operations an BSP brushes but not on static meshes or procedural meshes at game time.

As a first try I made holes in materials of a mesh using opacity mask which seem see through. The problem is that the holes are not in the mesh and so its not possible to stick other meshes through the hole.
Will there be further functions like „Slice Procedural Mesh“ for boolean operations in the future?
Is there a workaround solution for this problem?

Thank you very much for your help.

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It depends on how good you are at C++

hi darthviper

I am not veriy familiar with c++. Actually I use only blueprints in my projects. Are there some usefull plugins or tutorials for my problem?

Thank you for your help.

It’s more complex than what Blueprints can do, modifying a mesh in gameplay is something you’d have to do with C++

Sorry I haven’t written back in a long time.
I can program but not C++. I’m programming Java and a bit of C#. If you have a tutorial, I can try to understand C++.