Bone showing up in the wrong spot

Hello, so lately I’ve had an issue with imported skeletal meshes having the bones set in the position, scale, and rotation of their parents. All of the animations work just fine, but when I do something like placing a socket, it is set where the bone shows up in UE4, this is also the case with modifying components in the Animation Blueprint, where my torso controls the lower abdomen. However when I click on where the bone SHOULD be, it selects the correct bone, so when I click on the forearm bone, it shows the forearm bone highlighted where the upper arm bone should be.

EDIT: Hey, so I just figured out that it appears as if instead of controlling where the parent bone was, it’s controlling the child bone, the bone I selected and the name that is highlighted, from the perspective of the parent bone. Could anyone help me with reformatting this so the bone appears in the correct spot, it would just make this easier for me.

I’m having the same issue, using Blender 2.9 and UE4.25.4.