Bone part of skeleton not part of mesh

I have a skeleton I made and imported. It is working with the UE4 mannequin skeleton perfectly.

Now I am trying to add bones for the character which has 2 braid on her head. I added the bones in blender, weight painted them exported to a new fbx. Everything still works perfectly with animations, except i get this message in the skeleton tree:

“The bone only exists on the skeleton, but not on the current mesh.”

What did i do wrong? or what must I do to get the bone onto the current mesh? it was parented or it wouldn’t have come in with the mesh… Thanks!

The mesh isn’t updated to use the skeleton.
ei, the hair won’t move if that’s the case. If it’s not, and the hair moves, then it’s a false positive of some sort.
Never had that happen, but if you start hot swapping meshes in preview it is somewhat possible.

Im not sure I follow. I apologize. right now the hair just follows the head. i havent even tried physics yet, because it is alarming to see those greyed out bones. How do i hot swap?

It sounds like you updated the skeleton but didn’t update the mesh; i.e. in ue4, the hair of the mesh isn’t weighted to use the hair bones.

Was that something that had to be done in blender before Import? I weight painted the hair for each brain in blender… Or is there a place in ue to do it? im new to all this my apologies.

You do it in blender, so now you just need to export the mesh+skeleton from blender, re-import the skeletal mesh asset in ue4.

Ok ill give it another go ahead, thanks!

Ok so i was able up import again, so what I am noticing, is that on a previous import one of my imports had a different naming convention to this new test, and it updated the old skeleton with those bones. How do i remove unused bones then? It just seems like the old ue4 skeleton stored those extra bones and since the mesh isnt using them it disregards them.

I actually don’t know why bones would be removed in ue4. There is an option in blender to not export unused bones, or to add an extra bone to the ends of every bone.

Yea I have no clue LOL Now i just have to figure out where the bones are being “stored” on the UE4 skeleton that are no longer being used but still displayed in the tree on the left lol