bokehDOFrecombine always running

Regardless of if I have DOF enabled or disabled this always appears to be eating into my GPU time.
Even disabling DOF using a showflag doesnt get rid of it.
I also tried changing DOF to gaussian but still this is getting called.

Does anybody have any ideas as to whats going on here?

[Image Link][1]

It appear that this is also needed for the seperate transparency pass regardless of if you have DOF enabled.
Disabling seperate transparencys resolves the issue.

How did you disable separate transparencys?

I’ve also noticed that I have a BokehDOFRecombine via my GPU visualizer. It’s only .05 MS but even with “r.depthoffieldquality 0” it still shows up under PostProcessing. Any insight would be great. We are trying to squeeze the most out of a very limited MS budget for VR content.

So you have to disable the separate translucency via “r.SeperateTranslucency 0” to get rid of the BokehDOFRecombine post process step. FWIW if you don’t have any need for DOF you should be able to get rid of these without any issue. Please correct me if I have something wrong here. New to Unreal but not to games or the intricacies of real time rendering. :slight_smile:

typo… should be: “r.SeparateTranslucency”

Go to “Project Settings\Engine\Rendering”. Use “Separate Translucency” checkbox.