Bokeh settings and performance

We are making a game where performance is a huge issue. The UI artist wants to add some post-process effects when the player’s inventory is open. They are currently using the Bokeh DoF settings. When a player opens their inventory, the game is not paused so enemies will still be able to seek out and engage the player. I’m on a really good machine and when I applied those settings to my normal in-game camera, I was dropping a lot of frames. I am concerned that the player will be able to be engaged and killed before they have a chance to respond due to the high latency caused by the post-process effect settings. I am also curious to know if this could affect other players as this is a multi-player game.

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As a client, your degraded performance will affect you, but shouldn’t affect other clients. Worse case, you don’t process packets as fast as the server is sending them (and this could have some impact on the server), but performance would have to be really bad for this to happen (5 fps or worse).

BokehDOF wasn’t made for in game use - we used it in multiple demos (cutscenes)
I suggest to use GaussianDOF or at least switch to it when the machine is a lower spec.
You can tweak quality/performance with some settings (DepthOfFieldColorThreshold, Size of the Bokeh),
Screen/Render resolution (You could render in lower resolution and put 2D UI in full resolution on top)

some older info:


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I was most concerned about what happens on the client while the player has their inventory open.

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