Bokeh DOF - No Blur beyond 150,000CM?

I used this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Auto Focusing Depth of Field - YouTube

Now everything works the way he did it, problem is everything closer than 130cm is blurry, which is not at all what I want. So I used bokeh, and changed the Line Trace distance to 250,000cm, and set the bokeh scale to 1.0 and the size to 1.0.
Now two things are a problem for me. When I look beyond 150,000CM, everything is blurry, close and far.
And also the area which is in focus is like a line across the center of the screen.

When humans look at something, the center of our focus is in focus and about 35-40% of our vision surrounding that center. Everything else is not. So I would like a similar effect.

Any ideas? Any way to use this auto focusing concept to meet my needs?