Body modelling, Just Best Modelling Soft for Games

Hi. Whats the best 3d modelling software for our engine? I was foolishly thinking it was Zbrush but today discovered its for sculpting.

I will be creating custom interiors, technology, weapons for a game.
Custom males and female bodies - should I use specified human body editor - does it exist? Cause when I was a kid I was playing a porn game on pc where you mostly modify males and females bodies, faces, clothing etc and I was saving edited models as new files with some extension type at my hard drive. Is there anyway to export those models? Worth it?
I am looking to create very detailed human models. Some very unproprocional, some mutated - very custom. They must able animatable - dancing, fighting.
I am not really sure how to make them dance but to pay to dancer and use motion capture, but thats expensive right now. Volunteers welcome. Sydney/Melbourne/Gold Coast.


There is not “best”, it’s all preference for your needs.
take a look at for what you’ve described.

Authist wants to show off his adequacy but cant understand that “best” means the best for purpose I stated. Diagnosis: schizophrenia.
Thanks for the link btw. But as I stated - I need very detailed models. Most detailed that can be performed in a videogame.

One piece of software wont cover it all, it never has and never will. I think you should look more into how things are made then make a desicion on what you want to go with

So maybe you can tell how things are done differently in these programs? I for example like how zbrush works, its pretty logical and easy to understand. But I cant understand 3ds max. Is it worth it to learn? Whats all fuzz about 3ds max?

Like people have mentioned your wants require more than just one piece of software. Also All 3d tools I know are capable of creating high detailed Human Rigs with great animation tools. The question is how good is your modeling, texturing, animating skills to make your wants come true?

The question I think you want to ask is what software currently has the most support with UE4 to make workflows easier. My answer to that right now would be Autodesk Maya. (Others may agree or not).

The issue is if you’re making a commercial project the licenses on the full version of these software’s are very expensive. I and my friend have chose Blender and although we don’t get the best workflow we have not encountered issues producing assets that match a decent a quality for indie developers.

Hey, what if I work on someone’s computer who already has a commercial license? Or can I just tell that I created it not on my copy of software? Thx

A License is normally granted to a specific person or a Company. They’re normally Single User Seat Licences.

So No you cannot use it legally. Also you cannot legally go ahead and tell them you created it on a legitimate version. Reasons are some software Watermark/embed metadata into content created in a student version or trial version of software. Although I personally don’t agree with the high price for a license you should respect the tools used in this industry as this seems to be the industry you wish to get into.

With that said the person who owns the license for the software could do the work and submit his work free for commercial use.

>With that said the person who owns the license for the software could do the work and submit his work free for commercial use
This. Anonymous submitter who created it on pirate copy of a licensed version.
But how I could know this…

Are you experienced at modeling?
Try blender, it´s free.

At first i was studying blender but when compared it to zbrush
i found blender pretty dumb and much more difficult.
Its better for cgi for movies and render, i think

Blender or 3ds Max or Maya or Modo (?, don’t know much about Modo), are prettymuch 100% necessary, Zbrush on top of that for creating high poly models to bake from, xNormal is a good and free tool for baking textures, and you would probably want either Allegorithmics Substance suite or Quixels suite for texturing.

But without one of those first four (I may be missing some, Houdini?) it’s not going to happen.

So which is better to start first? I am watching some random tutorials
on blender and maya but dont know on which concentrate… Also they are pretty similar so why waste your time on
them both? Not to mention 3ds max lol… I believe that the main difference between maya and blender is how complex can model be, is that right?.

Currently i need something where animation done easily…

I’ve only used 3ds Max and Blender and I find Blender just as if not more easy, though you will be looking up hotkeys for a while.

Maybe Maya LT has a poly limit, but generally there is no difference between how complex anything can be between programs (except Zbrush!) and the only time you’ll need more than 100K polys inside your low poly modelling app is if you’re importing your high poly mesh to get ready to export and bake.

EDIT: Maybe you might be doing some high poly hard surface modelling in your main app and could possibly get a high poly count like that as well.

I know next to nothing about animation, but taking a look at Mixamo’s stuff might be a good idea.
Otherwise you might be doing it by hand in Blender/Maya/etc.
There are other ways but again it’s just not something I’ve had the time to investigate.

Maya LT does not have a Limit if you send your assets to Unreal 4 or Unity and I don’t thing you can buy any animations from Mixamo but you can use Fuse to make some quick characters. Also if you are already using Maya I think you can use there make character software for free.

3D Canvas is looking great too, at the animation part.