Blurry textures on 2GB VRAM

My project runs stable on RTX 2080. But when I run it on a machine with GT 750Ti (That is 2GB VRAM) the textures look very blurry. Especially the tree leaves and the painted landscape.

In the project there are not much of a high resolution textures. Maybe a few 2K or so. And I checked the “stat memory” and the Used Streaming Pool does not go over 2000. From ConsoleVariables.ini I’ve set “r.Streaming.PoolSize = 2000” but I also tried it without that line. Nothing changed.

On the system with RTX 2080, the game runs fine both in the editor and as a packaged project.

Can there be some other reason for the blurry textures?

Anisotropic filtering, also r.Streaming.PoolSize = 2000 sets streaming pool to 2000 so your trying to increase it by setting it to itself, which does not work, as 2000=2000.

Do you mean that 2000 is already the default value?

Just realised im an idiot, your taking up the entire 2000mb pool of vram, there is no error going on.
Use material instances whenever possible to free up a little bit of space and fps, and do some texture optimization
if there’s a texture that’s entirely one color, replace it with a v1 or v3 param, via static switch+switch param, lower the size of pbr maps, as normal/color are the only really detail sensitive ones
Add 2 material quality levels too, 1 with full quality and 1 that removes specular, ao, and any other maps that are not absolutely required.
That or you have an addition to 4k and 8k textures/massive lightmaps, in that case look into virtual texture support and getting rid of overly dense lightmap spots, and even then still apply the above tips if applicable.

Before yesterday I had decreased most of the texture sizes from around 4K to 1K, still had the issue, then yesterday I remembered the textures used for the sky.

I’m using this pack from the marketplace:…mic-sky-system

It is actually made for the users who need dynamic cycle. My sky is static but I really like the cloud mixtures you can achieve by it. But most of them are useless while it BP uses all the textures. It has 5 4K textures for each day, night, overcast and sunny skies. I set all the unused textures of it to 256 px, didn’t lose quality since they are not used. Before then my game ran buggy on 3 GB VRAM, now it is stable even on 2 GB VRAM!

Problem solved :wink: