Blurry textures in editor

Textures look too blurry in viewport.
Any ideas why?

Temporal AA?

Looks blurry with FXAA/No AA as well.

Ideas? The blurriness can come from bilinear filtering of the texture because of some pixel density differences (eg zoom). Also, the antialiasing can happen on texture level as well, called Anisotropic filtering which might be a bit low or not functioning properly, tho it’s less likely the case.

There are also compression settings put to lossy format (DXT) on this image, but you can experiment with lossless formats, tho they will consume a tiny bit more bandwidth to transfer them to the gpu. Afaik, on the gpu level the textures are being upacked so the memory usage might not be that different - whether you transfer them compressed or uncompressed. The quality loss however can be noticed easily (kinda similar to a medium quality JPEG compression).

It also better to look up at the Scalability settings to make sure they are not reducing the quality of the viewport, tho it only have noticable effect on mipmaped textures i believe.

TAA, FXAA are postprocess effects and have some quality reduction on the image as well, tho they not really visible on blurry surfaces.