Blurry textures at a distance

Hello everyone,

I made a 3D model of a house and I made a material with a 2048x2048 pixel texture. The texture contains no transparency, and is connected directly to the ‘Base Colour’ in the material, there is nothing else in the material.

When I load the map and look at the building everything is blurry like this:

When I come close to the building, to about 1 meter or less the texture becomes sharp like this:

How can I stop the engine from automatically resizing the textures or set how much I want to resize them. Or should I use lower resolution textures? What am I doing wrong/need to know?

Thank you in advance. :o

Do you have LOD’s / mipmaps affecting it? Just a shot in the dark but perhaps this might help: Can I control mipmapping distance via material editor? - UE4 AnswerHub

Try to change texture mipmap generation settings to Sharpen 10.

You may want to check your texture streaming pool. UE4 seems to use a default cap regardless of your GFX card’s capabilities. I had that problem myself in the past. Read more here.

I’m very new to UE4 and I have been having a similar issue. My texture is 4k and looks good when I move away from it. The geometry is what becomes lower quality.

For me, I’m working with rocks, and when I am up close they look good (high poly), but the farther back I go they become more low poly.