Blurry shadows - how to get sharper shadows for a point light?

I simply don’t understand which values I need to change to get sharper shadows and not those blurry excuses for shadows.

Tried changing the light to movable and stationary already but this also doesn’t yield good results.

Can someone please tell me which values to change? I am changing this and that and building the light, but the build takes so long already and always I got to wait for minutes only
to see that it again looks like ****.

In the first screenshot is what I want - a sharp, clear shadow. And in the second and third is what I get after the build, one is blurry from the static light, and one
is weirdly broken from the stationary light. The movable light does not work well either.




You need to increase the light map resolution of the static mesh receiving the shadows.

About the blurry static shadow versus the “weirdly broken” stationary shadow: this is because static and stationary lights create shadows in two different ways. Static lights create classic shadow maps, where low resolution means blurry shadows. You will need a very high static lightmap resolution to get a similar result to the dynamic shadow. Stationary lights on the other hand use distance field shadows, which always produce crisp shadows, even at a low lightmap resolution. You will only have to increase the lightmap resolution slightly to get better shadow contours on the wall.

Thanks for the help! It makes me so happy when things don’t go unresolved smileyheart.gif

It seems to work! Maybe I’ll set the lights to stationary then if the game doesn’t take too long to load, I have no idea how demanding it is. Game’s fairly small but I don’t want it to stutter.