Blurry HDRI Cubemap

Hi there,
I am having issues with a blurry hdri backdrop. I imported an HDR and set it up as cubemap for the hdri backdrop. Its says: Imported: 6080x3040 - Displayed 4096x2048x6 (Cubemap) - Max In-Game: 2048x2048x6 (Cubemap).
So the resolution is already downscaled and I have enabled the “No Mipmaps” option. It is still blurry and I can’t get it sharp. Can anybody help me with this? I am not making any progress to fix it…

Best regards

Did you change this?


1024 or 2048 is good.

yes, its on 4096. :slight_smile:

That’s me out…

These are my settings and when I am looking at the preview its still blurry as hell.

Have you tried other HDRs? Is it just a ■■■■ one?

Yes, its like this with every one of them, even the preinstalled ones.

Are you using sky Actor or HDRI actor?

I am using the HDRI Backdrop.