Blurry/Crappy render quality

My 3D text looks better in my viewport window than when I render it. No matter what I try, it looks soft, and crappy. After Googling this problem, looks like many others have had problems with blurry renders in Unreal. Why is it so hard to get a decent render? Using Unreal 2.26.2.

How are you rendering that?

Hi ClockworkOcean,
I have tried many variables on this, and have spent a lot of time researching on Google, too. See my settings below. Thanks!

Ah, UE5, you’re on your own a bit then I’m afraid…

Hard to tell from the image where the blur is coming from. You seem to be using temporal AA and multisampling which will lead to soft results. Set Anti-Aliasing to override and None. With a static camera this should be crisp. If your camera is moving you will get motion blur. You could completely disable it with r.MotionBlurQuality 0 and switching values in “spatial sample count” and “Temporal Sample Count”. There is also the possibility your text is out of focus. Set your focus distance accordingly or increase current aperture or reduce sensor size in your camera.

Thanks for your input, Speido! I set the anti-aliasing to override and none as you suggested. The trick was adjusting the Focal Length until it wasn’t blurry. Is there a more scientific way of setting this instead of trial and error/eyeballing it until it looks right?
This is what I was looking for, thanks!

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You can draw a pink focal plane when enabling “Draw Debug Focus Plane”. Your viewport should be locked to the camera (when the camera symbol next to the cinecameraactor in sequencer is blue). You can also set your focus method to tracking and set your text as target, then it is always in focus.


This works! Thanks, Speido! I also found that, in the modeling window, if I go to Show > Visualize > Depth of Field layers, it gives me colored background (blue), midground (black), which is always in focus, and foreground (green). By adjusting my camera, or transforming my object to be in the black, the object will be in focus. The onscreen info. will also give you the Focal Distance. Thanks for your help!

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