Blur texture - can't change mipmap


Is it possible to soften a texture map? I have a scene with lots of repeatable textures and it just looks a bit naff with all the moire patterns going on.

I have tried to change the mipmap to blur/soften but it always reverts to NoMipmaps.

Screenshot attached showing the prob.

Any pointers?


You could have a detail roughness (thats very huge) to break up the distance.
You could also set up a few nodes so that in the distance the same material is bigger and looks less repetative. < use that as the alpha of a lerp, then combine two of the same materials.
A being the regular sized one, and B being the same texture but 4x as big (with a texcoord node).
This will make your texture less repetative in the distance.

Another way to do this is by checking out this: I think its on the 2nd page, it shows how to set up a roughness detail texture… but obviously can also be used for normal/albedo/other stuff :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.