Blur/smear reflection on the floor how?

How to achieve the blur/disfocus reflection on the floor like in [Blueprint Essentials - 10 - Using Loops : Procedural Level Design][1] and picture:

Hi Angel Tsvetkov,

That video is from an earlier build of the engine and the template levels have changed a little bit since then. Some of the materials applied to the floor and other geometry used a lower roughness value.

Right now the Roughness value in the are higher (0.7). You can open the CubeMaterial that is applied to the ground in the template level and adjust the roughness value to be lower, like 0.2 - 0.25 and that should give you a better look for reflections. Also make sure to select the reflection capture and hit Update Capture.

I hope this helps.


Hi Tim, Thank you much for your help. Actually I am trying to reproduce the blur of the reflection via Roughness but without success. I am testing original Template of ThirdPersonBP from UE4.6.1 and from UE4.7.1. Can you help me, because the only way I achieve not good blur of reflections onto the floor is if use “Screen Space Reflections” of PostProcessVolume.

The reflections in that screenshot are SSR. It will provide the most accurate shadows at the moment. Reflection captures can help, but no where near the quality of SSR since it’s a cubemap applied to a sphere or box depending on the one you use. You can adjust the value of the roughness for your material and adjust the quality of the SSR in any of the Post Process Volumes added to your scene that cover the area or that is set to unbound.

Finally I did it!

I used “TP_ThirdPersonBP” Template from UE 4.7.1. Then changed 4 parameters:

1.Roughness input of material “CubeMaterial” (material of the Floor2 “CubeMesh”) = 0.35;

2.In Global PostProcess:

2.1.“Screen Space Reflections”->Intensity=100.0;

2.2.“Screen Space Reflections”->Quality=100.0;

2.3.“Screen Space Reflections”->Max Roughness=1.0;

Here is the result: