Blur in Post Process Material

Hi, I’m trying to add a slightly blur to my viewport using post process material, I used the same material in UE4.7 and it works perfectly, but when i try the same material in ue5, It stretches my viewport, Does anyone know how to solve it?
Here’s the my shader setup including the code i’m using,

Have you tried camera position?

I’m so noob with shaders and ue5 and i copied and past the code and shader. can you please explain that?

I mean using


instead of screen position.

I would have a go, but can’t the radial blur node at all ( ah, custom node… )

Maybe just try this?

yes i tried it but it doesn’t work, it turned my screen completely grey. altough i found another code that works but that’s normal gaussian blur:

but i’m looking to get radial blur.
I have watched that video and followed step by step but doesn’t work, it works in ue4.7

You’re right, it doesn’t work.

Not sure yet…

Does the gaussian blur work if you use the same setup, with the gradient node?

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Yes, That one works

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Hey , do you have the setup for gaussian blur material
for android ?

Nope, sorry :smiling_face:

Got any idea on how that would work ? I have achieved gaussian blur for windows but for android its not working ? I would really appreciate some references thanks.

Hey, did you find any solution for gausina blur in android?