Blur effect when I am moving my character around..

I am experience a pain in the butt kind of problem and wish to know if there is a fix to it or what might be causing it. It is happening on multiple computers so I know it isn’t just me but what is happening is this. When I am stationary I am not given a bad picture as it doesn’t blur and looks normal. However, soon as I start to move my character and its weapon blur out and makes it hard to see what it is and everything. I thought it might just be my model and weapon but it does it to the defualt blue guy as well. Anyone have a fix for this or an idea of what is causing it.


If you can upload a video of how it looks, maybe that will help get some answers from someone in the forums. Based on what you said, the first thing I can think of is the Blur Effect is enabled. Either in the characters camera or a Post Process Volume. Second thing I can think of is how the animation was prepared. Depending on the framerate of the original animation, it can cause your character to look blurry when moving. I know Blender 3D has a blur animation option when exporting an FBX animation however, I don’t know if that blur translates. Again it’s hard to tell without a video of what you are seeing.

I found the issue. Ty for getting me to look at it… It was the motion blur under the camera.

Great, glad to help.