Blur and gamma problem with Paper2D

Hi everyone, excuse me for my english,
I try to make a “perfect pixel” game and I have a problem with Paper2D,
I have read lot of topics about that (maybe all), and my rendering still have blur with gamma problems.

I want to have a 1118x490 window (example resolution for test) and my picture (1118x490 pixel-art) that cover the screen.

**My picture : **

I use this options :

**Asset : **

Sprite :

My window settings are : 1118x490 and my Camera is Orthographic with Ortho-Width : 1118 (My picture cover the screen, ok !)
My Paper2D default pixels per Unreal unit is 1.0.

**My result is : **

Not the same color (I have try to change gamma to 2.2 but she is not the same) and we dont see the “real” pixels but a blured version (it’s horrible).

I can upload my project if you want but I dont think its needed.

Please help me :slight_smile:

not sure if this might help, but set filter from nearest to tri-linear, and change the sprite material to translucent unlit.

Thank you for the reply, I change the settings like you say (tri-linear and Translucent Unlit) and the result is :

Its more blured :frowning:

ALWAYS use nearest filter for pixel art.
Do you have post-process? turn off all the anti-aliasing both in post-process and project settings. if its still blurred try r.Upscale.Quality = 0 in console

Hi Lyan, thank you for your help, I re-use nearest filter, I have disabled all post-process on the project settings and my camera (I have set Blend Weight to 0). I have disabled mobile HDR. And fix “none” on Anti-aliasing.
And use r.Upscale.Quality 0, now the result is really better !

But not perfect, the color was pretty similar so its ok for me, but the pixel render is not the same, e.g :

The full result :

I have upload my project on my website, if someone want to download it (only 3 Mo) :
edit : its a 4.9 project.

And try to list what is wrong. (I want to make a video for all others guys with this 2D problems)
Thank you !

Hello, I do not wish to remain in the void of incomprehension (like all other post with this problem),
if someone just help me trying my project (or giving me the steps to produce from an empty project).

Thank you !

Salut copain fr, I have the same problem like you, I have tried your project and your result is shortly better than me.

But its exactly the same problem. Epics we need a very little tutorial step by step to just have a pixel-perfect sprite on our scene !