Blueprints with much mesh components are very slow

I have converted buildings that include much meshes into blueprint (few 100s meshes). After that its much slower to change settings for the meshes (if compared to grouping which work near instant). With i7 5820K, I am getting ~5-10min freezes in editor when changing e.g. cull distance setting or mobility. Also if editing component location in blueprint, the movement is very slow.

Edit: Got one crash when trying to change mobility in editor view → blueprint details - MachineId:F87B756443F95CE9986941A672FE5264

I am having the same problem. Every action in blueprint editor takes minutes to be completed, even just connecting two nodes.

Try grouping together meshes with Scene Components, and also making use of Instanced Meshes for meshes that repeat a lot.

Yes, this was the issue. I didnt realize that the “convert selected components to blueprint class” dosents keep the instancing.

I forgot I had this ticket made already. Duplicated this here:

Just problematic that cant really use that convert thing. Would need to find fast way to change wanted mesh component in blueprint to be instance instead.

I noticed that UE compiles and calls the construction script every time we edit critical points of the blueprint graph. Need to cancel this feature but I don’t know how to do.