[Blueprints] Need help with grab & pinch method for gloves

Hey guys,

So i’ve recently purchased a new pair of Noitom Hi5 gloves and I am working on implementing them in UE4. There is little to nothing online about them so I have turned to you guys for some logic help.

What I have so far: I have implemented a grab and pinch method which checks if the rotation of the finger is within a specific threshold and if it is then the grab is ‘true’ and it grabs the object. I have also implemented a release which does the exact same thing just using a different threshold.

NOTE: The grab method checks for the rotation of the index, ring, middle, and pinky while the pinch method checks for the rotation of the index and thumb only.

The issue: The way I have the blueprints setup, it becomes a bit buggy. I believe I have to grab first but then I am unable to pinch after. Then, at times I am unable to pinch but I can usually always grab (i’d say 95% of the time). Basically, I either have to grab first then pinch after (which doesn’t always work) or I have to grab and hold the object in my hand then move it to my other hand and pinch it while it’s held for it to work.

My question is, how do I solve this issue? I feel like it might be because it is in a sequence but I am not sure of any other way to implement it. Any help would be appreciated.

Full Blueprint (Fires on event tick):

Grab Blueprint Function:

Release Blueprint Function:

Hello guy,

I’ve recently purchased a pair of Noitom Hi5 gloves. And I don’t know how to use it to interact with UE contents (grab and pinch). I don’t know what interferes and functions can be used.
So I want to know have you solved your problem and how to use the your BP mentioned above.
You can contact with me by e-mail.
Thanks a lot.