Blueprints for "ThirdPersonCharacter" Not found

I am trying to make an AI with the third person character mesh/animation, but when I’m in the level blue prints, I can’t add reference to the “BasicAI” ( The copy I’ve created of the third person character)…

The tutorial I watched is right here, did i forget something? Is he using an older version of the UE?


Hey Denathorn,

If you create your second character blueprint by duplicating the existing one, you should be able to simply go into the blueprint level and right-click and select ‘Create a Reference to NAME’. That would then give you the reference to your AI you’ve been looking for. It’s one of the top options after right-clicking on the blueprint level editor.

And to answer your question, this tutorial is from an older version of the editor but it is possible to replicate in 4.7.5, as I’ve followed the tutorial a few moments ago.