Blueprints execution and frames,simulation,rendering -- ?

Understanding blueprints execution in terms of scheduling, simulation and rendering.

i was searching, searching, … and couldn’t find anywhere ,any information about this.

The main question is how ,within blueprints system (as much as possible), to understand, manipulate:

  • what executing within frame (completed before next 1 's rendering)
  • _1 answer: chain from eventTick executed within 1 frame, execution time limit on 2.4ghz was between this and 2 on 2nd counter

  • threads and their queues (existing threads, execution order)
  • execution queue priority for blueprint’s chain (in cases of frame independent execution)


Would greatly appreciate any help.

(By “chains” i was naming sets of connected nodes, sorry if it was wrong)

*(fix, some weirds in the test, here is real results)

all blueprints’ chains executing within frame, was it difficult to write as answer ?