BlueprintRenderToTarget map in the ContentExamples

“Also, be sure to check out the BlueprintRenderToTarget map in the ContentExamples project for more working examples!”

I don’t seem to have this map in my Starter Content and I can’t find a reference to it anywhere on google, except in this video:

Does anyone know where i can find this BlueprintRenderToTarget map?


Did you update your ContentExamples? I believe that map was added in 4.14.

I’m in 4.15 and it doesn’t seem to be here. I searched in the editor and it’s certainly not in the blueprints.

How would I go about updating starter content maybe I didn’t get it? Is it included in the free version?


It’s not in the starter content. You need to download the Content Examples project from the learn tab in the launcher and then open the Rendertargets map or whatever it was called.

yup, found it, thanks!

the heightfieldpainter doesn’t work and when i shoot on the watersurface nothing happens