BlueprintImplementableEvent not showing up?


So, I’m trying to get the code below to work. But I’m failing.
I’ve put the code in the header file, but I do not see it as an Event in the blueprint event graph. I’m able to see the BlueprintCallable, but not an event as I need it to be.

UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementableEvent, Category = “Some Category”)
void SomeFunction();

Do anyone have any suggestions?
I have googled and found others asking about this as well, but that was 2014 and 2015 and so on, but I’m unable to get it working. I’m new to C++. So I have probably overlooked something.

I’ve had this same issue in the past. What you can try is close the editor, compile, then open it. Make sure the list is not context sensitive. Also, the event can only show in the actor blueprint class.

I’ve done both hot and cold reloads. So it’s not that.
But it’s probably the part where it only shows in the actor blueprint I’m doing wrong.

Thank you very much. Guess I’ll be digging around some more. :slight_smile:

Make sure that the blueprint has the right C++ parent class (the one with the BlueprintImplementableEvent function).

Thanks. :slight_smile:
It actually seems like that’s the case. So I’m rethinking how I can solve my problem.

I have found the right place to add the code and it all works just fine now.
The event shows up on a different place than expected, but it triggers when called and everything is all good.

First of all, I had put the code in a place it would not work. Then I got a compilation error saying I needed the right permission to run build.bat. I took permission of the folder, and now it all works. :smiley:

Could you please clearify the solution?

I took permission of the folder.

Another reason this can happen is if you add const at the end of your C++ function. Apparently it seems you can’t have const functions be events. Also after removing const it wasn’t enough to live reload, I had to close editor and recompile.

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Oh yes… this nail it!.. Thanks a lot!