BlueprintFunctionLibrary - Events not working

I’m currently working on a Blueprint library. Everything works as expected, I can create static functions that are BlueprintCallable.

Problem is that I now need to create an event. I’m creating the function as BlueprintNativeEvent but it is not showing up in the editor. I also have problems with static - Using this keyword won’t compile.

The official Wiki-page related to BlueprintFunctionLibraries unfortunately does not help here. Is there somewhere else I can look at? Is it not possible to create Events in BlueprintFunctionLibraries?

Hey monsdar-

It is not possible to create events in a blueprint function library. All functions added to a BP function library should be static so that they cannot be overriden elsewhere. Typically they server the purpose of being called by a blueprint in order to perform an action in code. If you need to create an function/event that controls a number of actions across multiple blueprints, you will need to cast to the class where the function was defined and call it or, when the function is called, cast to the other classes to trigger their actions.