Blueprintable AMatineeActor

Is there any particular reason why we can’t derive from the AMatineeActor class? If you attempt to create an Actor of this type in C++ you’ll be presented with linker errors. It doesn’t exist in Blueprint because the class isn’t set as a Blueprintable type.

I’m guessing this is due to limitations with Matinee itself and tracking Actors…

In the event that this class cannot be Blueprinted, what alternative is there for creating in-game sequences (a la Battlefield 4 door opening sequences) where the Camera, Player Pawn and the Actor you are interacting with can all be animated?

I have so far created a Matinee sequence for a section of the game where the player removes a grate from a ventilation shaft when the F key is pressed and she is facing the grate, the annoying this is this - I intend to use this multiple times throughout the game but I want to use the exact same sequence (more or less)


What linker errors? can you paste them?

This post has the same linker errors, thanks!