[Blueprint Youtube Tutorial] Multiplayer Lobby


Just wanted to say while I’m versed in networking (C++ and blueprint) I watched your tutorials and they are very entertaining and enlightening. Great job and thank you for sharing this with the community. :smiley:

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Thank you for your feedback!

This is still like the best guide on getting multiplayer up and running while learning in the process in ue4 right now.

This should get stickied or something.

Thanks for an awesome tutorial, although i have a problem. Whenever i press host lobby i see the server loads the map, but then editor instantly crashes. Any ideas what it could be? Maybe a 4.8 bug or just me being stupid :expressionless:

i got the same. somthing like the PIE cant load the map.
i think its only bugged. if i **** the content and use this, its works all nice.

I am novise with server think, but I have made first person shooter using own code and assets. How i can host multiplayer shooter game. First i have to maybe set multiplayer settings in for example 3 or 4 player and that is working it open 3 or 4 new window in my editor when playing, but how other computer/player can join the game is it to do something with open console and is it to write open (ip address) or how other can join my hosting game