Blueprint Viewport Perspective View (or lack of?)

This happens in 4.8 and 7 as well. Since just recently for whatever reason my view port will not show anything when in perspective view mode. It is just a gray (grey?!) screen. However if I set my view mode to any of the ortho settings my model will render, in all light modes, no problems. If I go back to perspective however just a grey (gray?!) screen. Not sure whats going on seems to only be in blueprint viewport.

I haven’t changed any settings since it last worked and it happens in older versions of my project, as well as 4.9. As far as I’m aware it doesn’t happen on my laptop. Computer is Ati card, Laptop is N’vidia, if it makes any difference.

photo Borkeded_zpsvn5p3h2g.png

photo Broked_zps3y6fefmx.png

Updated with some pictures

Figured it out turns out somehow my perspective camera was extremely far away from the character, it took me 2/3 mins at max speed to get back into view. NO idea how that happened, but its fixed. For future reference is there a shortcut to align the camera to the mesh? Or something I could of pressed to bring the mesh right back into view? Its easy to lose sight of the mesh in 3d space when your that far out.

Hey Wicked,

The shortcut to focus on a component is the “F” key. This works in BP viewports as well as the level viewport.


Ahh wonderful thanks. And I think I figured out the source of my view port deviations. I have a spring arm component with a mesh attached to the end of it that I am extending out to great distance for testing. I am assuming it is trying to keep all the meshes in the view port, which is causing the camera to be so zoomed out. Not sure why its only started happening though as I do not remember it happening before.