Blueprint Text Input


There was a bit of discussion about this on another thread and a few people mentioned it would be nice to have more ability to program blueprints with text input. Kind of like math nodes but on a higher level.

Blueprints are great because you can iterate so fast but they can be very slow to initially set up when you’re used to typing.

I’m not sure exactly how this could be implemented but I thought I would start a thread here in case anyone else has any good ideas about how to do this.

Revival of UnrealScript? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi everyone,

While we like the idea of implementing code in blueprints and was even feature requested (UE-8206), this is not something we are going to be doing now or in the near future. The reason is that this is a massive undertaking and our resources are currently dedicated elsewhere (other features, bug fixes, etc.). Having said that, we’d love to see a commit for something similar to what you are requesting, it would be interesting if a developer in the community took source and made this available for others to use!

Thanks for the reply Adam, I’d certainly be interested in having a look at doing this myself some time. I’ll let you know if I ever work anything out!