Blueprint subcategory?

I think that Category tag of UFUNCTION is partial bugged in 4.5 release.

Code documentation said:

/// Specifies the category of the function when displayed in blueprint editing tools.
/// Usage: Category=CategoryName or Category="MajorCategory,SubCategory"

and my code is:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category="MajorCategory,SubCategory")

and the result:


Is bug or my code is wrong?

Okay, searching in the source code of unreal I found the answer like this:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category="MajorCategory|SubCategory")

The pipeline is the answer. But now I wonder: the in code doc is bad or I understand bad?

With the | character is still get MajorCategory|SubCategory in the Defaults panel, shouldn’t it break into a sub-category?

Unreal version?

Still and issue as of 4.6.1 unless we are ALL doing it wrong.

Could this documentation page be fixed?

In 4.8.2 Category="MajorCategory|SubCategory" is working. Category="MajorCategory,SubCategory" doesn’t work. The documentation is bad.

They still didn’t update the documentation like a year later…

Greetings from the future. I just stumbled upon this as the first Google hit for “unreal engine blueprint function subcategory”. So let me provide a small update to this topic.

The | character for “MajorCategory|SubCategory” is still working as of UE 4.26.1 and nesting is allowed. The provided documentation link is dead and moved here.

Category = "TopCategory|SubCategory|Etc"

Specifies the category of the function when displayed in Blueprint editing tools. Define nested categories using the | operator.

For people not fluid in hexcode, | is the pipe character |.