Blueprint static mesh placement following a surface

Hi mojachiee,

If you follow this Unreal Engine 4 tutorial, and then make this addition to the ForLoop Body which spawns the Object.

The Line Trace is 255 units of the Actor Up Vector Inverse added to the Actor's location, resulting in a Trace starting from the Actor ending 255 units below the Actor. Hit result returns normal hit which I pull the rotation from and set it to the Actor. *Offsetting rotation may be necessary*.

Hope this helps!

Peter L. Newton

Thanks so much ill give it a go hopefully it works out!

Awesome, let me know if there is any hiccups.

Could someone please link me or show me how to make a blueprint that places static meshs a long a surface like a landscape with the option how many static meshes spawn and how big of an area they spawn in please!!

what are they two nodes in the far left hand corner?

They’re the nodes from the tutorial generating random numbers. Its the same as the tutorial, nothing different.

Where you able to make this?