Blueprint Static Mesh Component replication problem [Multiplayer]


I’m trying to make an weapon switching system for Multiplayer but I have a huge problem…

Player has an array which includes all possible weapons can be equipped and an integer depends on equipped weapon IDs and these variables are replicated

When player equipped a weapon from inventory list, WeaponInHand integer changes as equipped weapon’s ID. [0 means no weapon in hand]

It works perfectly without Multiplayer but at Multiplayer it only works for Server. Client can see Server’s equipped weapon but Server can’t see Client’s equipped weapon.



I realised there is no replication settings in static mesh component

Then, after some searchings , I found Set Is Replicated node for components which hasn’t any replication setting in details panel and tried but didn’t work…

By the way, I equipped a weapon and checked the WeaponInHand integer of Player [Client] while playing and it was 2. I think it proves it’s a static mesh component replication problem

I’m looking forward to see your answers…