blueprint Simple Menu

some help about creating a simple blueprint menu “Start” “pause” and “exit” ?

If you take a look and download the content examples, there is a game menu in the Blueprint_HUDmenu.umap level. :slight_smile: It has exactly what you are looking for (i think)

when content examples loads:

  1. click file -> open level
  2. Select Blueprint_HUD level

If you want to open the blueprint, easiest way is to just type HUD into the filter

HI X90.

Not certain which Game you are talking about to see the Hudmenu.

Could you be more specific or drop a link here to the game or content you are referring to?

thank you in advance.

EDIT: I found “content examples.” ROFL!!.. I need to look more, click less.

:slight_smile: thanks again.

I had the exact same problem and I couldn’t solve it with the examples. So I started a new thread asking for a simple and a more complex tutorial from Epic.
You can view it here and vote if you think it’s important:

thks X90, yes i think content exemple hud_map is what im looking for, in case of pause and exit event .

but there still a starting menu to do at the begining of game.
ive seen that Shooter game have one, i’ve tryed to understand it ! but diifcult to understand how it has been made !

BechD thanks for link ^^

(by the way sorry for my poor english )

Im glad you were able to find what you were looking for.

I definitely am looking for something similiar. They have a simple start menu example in flappy chicken, and strategy game has a slate/HUD C++ based menu (strategy game and flappy chicken from the marketplace). I was looking for a good path on which to go forward and build from, that’s what I was asking for in my question here: but as of yet there isn’t anyone with a good answer that I’ve seen. I think they want everyone to use slate though, but it doesn’t have nearly the same ease of use as other aspects of ue4, so I’m trying to be patient :smiley: