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Hey everyone What’s Up,

I’m Peter L. Newton, and I’m currently in a Blueprint Scripting all-day-every-day diet! I take request and create tutorials for beginners and more advanced subjects! My aim is to provide you with quality tutorials that are direct and easy to follow. I love to assist in your UE4 endeavors. If you have a challenge, I’m ready to take it! I personally want to produce more abstract systems that would not traditional be covered by Epic. So people who want things such as Grappling, Hunger, Loudout, Interface, and Inventory type systems! You’ve come to the right place. Feel free to reference other games system you would like me to mimic for you, and I will do my best!

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Behavior Tree & EQS

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AI Behavior Tree & NavMesh

Hey Whats Up Everyone,

Here is a new series on creating an AI Bot utilizing Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprint Scripting.

Nice series of tutorials on AI, you end up having a pretty intelligent, hostile bot. AI in UE4 is a topic that would be great to see that gets vastly covered, and this is a good start point, it will be interesting to see the path algorithm tutorial you are working on.

Additionally, if you want, you could enlarge the AI bran complexity in many ways: the enemy uses one weapon or another in function of distance; uses covers in the map to avoid player’s fire and has stealth tactics; jumps and pursuits the player character with efficieny in platforming-like maps… It could be great to see a tutorial or examples on something like that.

Anyhow, congrats for the good work!

yes Mrs Peter L. Newton i totally agree with albert Espin , we want more complicated AI behavior with blueprint only .; but in general pretty good series of Tutorial you have here :smiley:

This is pure gold! Thanks Peter!

Could you possibly do a tutorial on quick-time events?

Thanks for the support Albert! AI is an interesting subject. I will continue investing time into learning more advanced techniques. I’m also trying to get more 3D Assets! I would love to create an AI Bot on a level with these cut-aways and weapons. Thanks agian.

Blueprint forever! I’m ready for anything lloadead! Thanks for the support.

Thanks Nicolas3D! I’ve added QTE to my queue. That feature reminds me of an older time, I would love to recreate it.

Peter can you do a simple tutorial on how you got the weapon attached and working on the bot character and perhaps for the player too. Pretty please. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the awesome tutorials so far.

Love your work Peter! Definately interested in seeing the Action bar tutorial (like the 1-9 hotbar, yea?). In the advanced projectile tutorial, do you think you could cover the best way to go about using particles as projectiles as well, or if there is a better way to go about getting really stylized projectiles.

When I get time, I’ll run through how I setup the Gun. And how I used it with the AI Bot Character! Thanks for the support Chimp.

In the works my friend Knobby. I will see how early I can pump it out. Definitely can figure something out and let you know. What is your desired affects for your projectiles? I’ve seen a few post about ideas behind using particles as projectiles. There is a straight forward process for some, while others like tron streaks may take slightly more thought.

Also, I’m currently rendering out my Movement Mechanics Tutorial. So look out for that this week! I’ve been at ASU, so its taken more time to make videos but I’m still at it!


Sorry about the flickering. I’m using a much better screen recorder now!

I hope to make note hud to make player able to read such as note for more information

i still didn’t manage how to make it , so i hope to make tutorial if you can :frowning:

Great looking set of tutorials and samples. I’m just starting to learn myself so threads like this are a godsend.

Awesome stuff! I’ve been working on implementing A* in blueprint for the last few days, and though I am making headway it’s not quite there yet. Seeing your implementation will be very useful. Are you trying to make it quick and efficient, or just something that works, as a proof of concept?

Hey TakeTimeGames, my hud series will cover a technique that will help you with this. It on my immediate queue to be recorded. I’ve completed the steps, I just need to record it! So stay posted. Thanks!

Thanks Angriness, that means a lot man. This is why I do it, so let me know if you need any helps. Feel free to post your questions here!

Right now its just something that works. I want to make it efficient. Though it could only be efficient for this specific application. I want to beef it up as much as I can before I release it. I wouldn’t mind sharing with you what I have now.

Latest Video Series

In this series I show you how I create different Movement Mechanics that can be applied to your game. These mechanics are commonly used in Action and FPS game types. This tutorial series included Double Jump with Charge, Variable Walk Speed, Sprint, Wall Jump, Wall Riding, Wall Dodge, and Dash. Feel free to comment on what works best for you and other mechanics I may have missed.

Article on Pacing

Part 1

Yeah, getting something that works is tricky enough, and it will probably be best to use that as a starting point. Thanks for the offer to share what you have so far, but I think I’ll try to complete my own before I look at your solution. I’m treating it as a puzzle I want to solve on my own, and when we’re both done maybe we can use elements of both solutions to make a better one. I have a feeling yours will be better, since I’m very new at this, but maybe I can make a couple of contributions. If I get stuck I’ll probably change my mind about seeing your unfinished solution, though :slight_smile:

I’d like to see you take on diving and bullet time, as in Max Payne!

I just wanted to say amazing job!! Very easy to follow love your tutorials!!

Subscribed and bookmarked. Nice work on these!


Great work Peter, really loving it. I’ve a small query. How can you implement a lock-on mechanism using blueprints only? Like the locking-on system in Dark Souls for example? And a tutorial on melee would be really appreciated! Thanks for the great tutorials!

Fair enough. I’d admire that! I would love to see your solution as well, so definitely link me when you have something you feel comfortable with.

I would love to take a dive at this. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks a lot Basingse. Glad I could be of help!

Sweeeet! Thanks Daydreamer!

Ohh that is a interesting request. I will definitely look into this for you. Are you wanting to create a basic fighting system similar to Dark Souls in general? I plan to create more tutorials on FPS, but I would love to try other categories of gameplay.

First off id like to thank you for your work, it has been super helpful so far and i have learned a lot from your FPS movement tutorials.

One thing i would be interested in seeing implemented would be a skiing mechanic similar to the Tribes games.