Blueprint Samsung Gear VR, how to program trigger on controller?

Hello all,

Fairly new to VR development with UE4. I am trying to implement a simple teleportation to a location using the trigger. For the Samsung Gear VR that only comes with controller, what is the trigger object? I see MotionController (R) and MotionController (L). Do I just need to do it for both and it will register? Thanks

Also I’m disliking having to upload whatever project you are working on to the android to then test. Is there a better/faster way to test your work?

Thanks alot

Either MotionController (R) Trigger or MotionController (L) Trigger works for the trigger on a GearVRControllerComponent

Unfortunately unlike the Daydream controller which has an emulator that works with the editor the gearvr controller doesn’t :frowning:

Thanks @aussieburger… I will try this because I am also need it. There is no much info about the new Gear 2017, I know there are no much changes but the controller systema is a little better i guess… Cheers!

Did you made it … did you make the teleportation with Gear VR and the controller (SM-R324)… please if you did share the project

FYI: GearVR support to be dropped in next OculusVR plugin version (so probably UE4.24 will be the last version that supports it):