Blueprint replication to clients

The problem I’m having is that everyone playing can see what the host does in terms of projectiles, or activating the blueprint provided in this post. But when ever anyone else activates these blueprints, it’s work on their screen, not on anyone else’s. I have replication turned on in the blueprint settings, but that’s not helping.

Mighty people of the Unreal forums I need help.

You have to imagine Replication as copies, the blueprints exist once for the server and once for every player, the server has access to all copies, players only to theirs, so when the server does stuff he players see it, if the player does it only that player sees it because only their copy performs the functions.

You need to hook your overlap events up into Custom Events that are replicated as run on server.
Then that Custom Event fires another that is set to Multicast

Player tells Server he moved his copy > Server checks if that move was supposed to happen (Prevent cheating) > Server tells everyone else it moved

Holy late reply batman (sorry about that), the main issue I should have said I was having. How do I connect my overlap event into a custom event so that I can use
“switch has authority/ multicast”?

Clients cant replicate to all, and by default, Unreal does not replicate every single event to every client, you have to implement it. This is my basic setup on replications, every replication logic is the same: Client does something, Clients tells the server, Server recieves and (if needed) executes extra logic, Server replicates the result. in my personal experience, you dont want that server does all the calculations, as the result may look like a delayed answer on the client. also take note that replication has its own limits to preserve network performance. if the same value of a variable changes while the replication is being executed on the server, the server wont know about this and still give you an outdated result. on some cases, specially cosmetic, where the difference on a delayed result is graphically notorious and cheating wouldnt affect the whole game, i prefer each client to perform the calculations. on this tutorial epic talks about networking replication, specifically at this current time, he talks about being careful with the variables. - YouTube

Added: if you are wondering why i pass the pawn and playerId…as i said, this is my basic setup. i find it useful to know the playerId on the replications so the server doesnt replicate the result to the initiator (as explained above). and the player pawn so i can tell every client “the server says this pawn scratched his nose…ill replicate the movement of this pawn on my screen”