Blueprint "Prefab" Lighting

I recently found out that you can make multiple meshes into a “prefab” like in Hammer “Source” game editor, using blueprints. However, I am seeing lighting issues using this approach.
I made a prefab of a house, It consists of around 30 meshes. I selected all of the meshes and “Convert Selected Components Into Blueprint Class” to make my prefab.
The following is before I converted.
Mesh Lighting.JPG
Mesh Lighting2.JPG

My lighting looked great up until I converted to a blueprint. All of the meshes as a whole seem to be using the same lighting data instead of individually so I get the following:
Blueprint Lighting.JPG

The inside of a house should be dark in any areas that have no light shining into the windows but the blueprint creation makes it evenly lit… I messed around with all of the lighting settings inside the BP editor and still cannot get it to look right. Does anyone have any tips?

Well I finally spent a few more minutes filtering thru the forums and found the solution. I changed the mobility over to static (Not sure why they were not static to start with) and it fixed it!