Blueprint OR c++ programmer, looking for work ( low paid ) Expert in shooters and melee weapons.

Hey, im looking for work, i’ve been in unreal grounds since 2011, so i’ve been 5 years around programming a lot.

I don’t ask for a lot of money, after all it’s my pleasure work for UE projects !

I have aviable time, and im there to contact aswell.

My Skype is Ghostsk8r.

You can see here samples of my work. I also worked for a project called no return.

Walk on walls, Physics spider in UE4 - YouTube, that’s unreal engine 4 custom physics made with cpp. also coded much of this project with it’s main game dev.

Well anything in blueprint including networking and in c++ i can work to though my networking in c++ it’s not there yet, but i can get up to date in 1 day.

I’ve working with Neongho at the moment, and he’s really quite amazing in helping with my project! He’s managed to create a NPC system at the moment, and while we are still working on it, he’s even helped go over it for me so I understand it, and even a tutorial. Very resonable prices, would definitely recommend working with him.

Thanks for the post :), Currently **unaviable ** due to big stack of work.
I will be again ready for whatever next month wich falls in february.
I don’t make MMPROGS that’s all “from scratch with unreal 4” or from scratch at all…

Hey it’s ok for February. Look at our recent post and see if you’re interested. Part of our potential plan is possibly combine some marketplace files and squish them around to all work together

take care,
Blueberry Animations

Bump looking for work, send me a PM if interested

Hello, are you still free? I know a lot can happen in a few days. I’d be interested contacting you but I felt a bit forward directly adding you to skype? my personal email is marksmen70@gmail feel free to send me a message if you read this.


Still looking for work? Might have something for ya

bump looking for work, send a pm if interested

bump() still looking for work, add me in skype if you wish to contact me.

Dm me on Twitter if your avaliable Check out Desiccated (@PlayDesiccated):

Are you available to implement some particle effects in a game? We have the particles, just need someone to add them to specified game objects in our game using Blueprint. How do I reach you on Skype?

Bump im still looking for work.

Hello Neongho,

can you give me your eMail-Address please?

bump() ; Email address is

Hello are you still available for work? I sent a skype with my email :slight_smile:

bump(); Email address is Skype: Ghostsk8r

bump(); Email address is Skype: Ghostsk8r

I also just finished a tutorial about coding in c++ as portfolio

Tut here

Hi there, I’d love to talk more on Skype about your availability and abilities.

bump() still looking for work anyone interested? thanks

Im still looking for a job send me a pm or add me on skype