Blueprint optimization low fps

Hello everyone,
I cant find answer anywhere about problem that I will describe below.
I have a book that have 12 elements - total 680 polys.
When I put them in blueprint and put them into the scene like 100 times my fps drops to 12 and lower but when I put them standalone as objects and copy them about 800 times my fps are 120 and stable.
So in short 100 book blueprints gave me about 68k polys goes with 12 fps and 800 books just dropped into scene gave me 544k polys and work stable on 120 fps. In both case there is no material attached, just simple shape. What can be problem here? Thanks for all the help

Hi, did you disable tick in your actor? Otherwise all those actors will tick and consume performance.

Other thing to try would be to create a blueprint that inherits from static mesh actor, then you have all the “correct” presets.

Are you simulating physics on the books?

No, simulate physics is disabled for every element

What code is in the book?

If you ask for Event Graph and/or Construction Script - both are empty

It’s strange, because after looking into it, I see people talking about the opposite. IE a lot of blueprints used as prefabs make no difference in performance hit to static meshes…

well my logic says the same, I tried to check on and off all options, created new clean blueprint - it stays the same, maybe some bug in UE?

Yeah, my friend advised me that so I disabled tick in class defaults and it didnt work, then I select every object and disabled tick there and still there was fps drops

Ok, my friend figured it out. Problem is in blueprint itself. There should be selected for every static mesh MOBILITY → STATIC, by default there was movable and that was causing this issue

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