Blueprint not scaling with Foliage Painter

Hey guys,
I am trying to use a blueprint in the Foliage painter, and it works fine other than scaling. I have scaling set to uniform with Min 1 and Max 5, and the mesh remains the same consistent scale. My blueprint is currently just a group of static meshes, created by “Convert Selected Components to Blueprint Class.”

How can I get these to scale correctly? I have noticed that I CAN paint the Tutorial Character blueprint with varying scale, so it looks like varying BP scale is possible.

I can’t drag a BP to the foliage panel. Do you really mean BP?

Yes this is a new addition in 4.23

Just tried it in 4.23, no go…

Ok, got it…

Yeah, it just doesn’t work basically…

You could just as easily write the BP to distribute itself over various surfaces I guess.