Blueprint Node plus AddTicker

I am trying to create a blueprint node that does about a minute worth of work asynchronously when activated. Obviously, I don’t want to lock up my game while saving my game to the cloud.
I would prefer to do one node in C++, rather than a huge flowchart of hundreds of individual functionality nodes.
I need to batch save a bunch of game data from my game client to an online service, and it requires a bunch of http api calls (I can already do this part myself).

I am trying to figure out the interaction between a blueprint node and an OnTick function. It is supposedly possible, but there’s no documentation geared towards this goal. The only real direct mention about it is here:

MyTestNode.h file:

class UMyTestNode : public UOnlineBlueprintCallProxyBase
    virtual void Activate() override;
    bool OnTick(float deltaTime);
    void Finish();
// Some UPROPERTY stuff
    TBaseDelegate<bool, float> tickHandler;
    FOnMyTestCompleted m_OnMyTestCompleted;

MyTestNode.cpp file:

UMyTestNode::UMyTestNode(const FObjectInitializer& ObjectInitializer)
    : Super(ObjectInitializer)
    tickHandler = FTickerDelegate::CreateRaw(this, &OnTick); // <<--------------THIS LINE DOESN'T COMPILE

void UMyTestNode::Activate()
    UE_LOG(LogTemp, Log, TEXT("Test Node activated"));
    auto onTickHandle = FTicker::GetCoreTicker().AddTicker(tickHandler);
    FTicker::GetCoreTicker().RemoveTicker(onTickHandle); // note, move to finish when I solve the CreateRaw problem

bool UMyTestNode::OnTick(float deltaTime)
    UE_LOG(LogTemp, Log, TEXT("Test Node OnTick"));
    // note, lots of http work here (really it calls to another pre-existing file)
    // note, manually call Finish() when everything is done

void UMyTestNode::Finish()
    UE_LOG(LogTemp, Log, TEXT("Test Node finished"));
    if (m_OnMyTestCompleted.IsBound())

UMyTestNode* UMyTestNode::MyTestNode()
    UMyTestNode* nodeInstance = NewObject<UMyTestNode>();
    return nodeInstance;

How do I correctly invoke CreateRaw? It seems to exactly match existing examples and documentation. But it won’t compile in my file.
Is there a guide or documentation that I haven’t found yet for this purpose?

After investigating and asking other developers, it seems that the only object that can use a Tick function is AActors. I’m not particularly happy with having to create an AActor just to catch ticks for a few seconds but it seems to do the job.